Dating a man that lives swinging lifestyle

05-Aug-2019 12:05

After 18 months of intense therapy with a fantastic psychologist, books, articles, TED talks, support from friends, forums, anything I could get my hands on, I emerged a little bit wiser, and a little more humble. It amazes me how steadfast Dave has been, through the never-ending tears, through the constant need to process.

Though he lost his patience a few times in those dark days, he made sure I never doubted his love and commitment to me.

Today, as I have grown, love and commitment that honours autonomy and freedom sits much better with the person that I am now.

It feels so great, to be able to watch and support your partners in their growth to be the best person they can be.

I’ve been intimate (not just physically but also emotionally) with men, with women, exploring and learning what makes us humans who we are.

If we only knew how much everyone is just trying their very best to navigate this messy thing called life, how much more loving, compassionate, and less judgmental, we would be not just for them, but for ourselves.

by the O'Neill's, the term soon came to represent sex outside of marriage—as it does today.

Both men are independent and strong; they don't need me, and yet both love me unreservedly, just the way I am.

My heart swells with love, and I feel at home, safe, and cherished, by each of them.When his previous relationship ended, he had emerged from it knowing he never wanted traditional relationships again.

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