Dating a gillette razor americasexdating video

12-Apr-2019 14:19

This results in an extremely close shave and a very smooth finish.The blades are coated in Diamond Like Coating (DLC) for super strong and sharp blades. The blades are also spring mounted which adjust to all different skin types and form the Pressure Control System.There are a lot of disposable razors on the market and it can get a bit confusing with all the choice available.I have put together a review of my five favorite Gillette razors, which will help you find the perfect Gillette razor that is right for you.

This razor also has micro-fins that are designed to gently push your skin downward to make way for the blades.

As the name suggests, this razor has three spring-mounted blades.

The three blades are positioned progressively so each blade gets a little closer to the skin than the one before.

There was no irritation or redness at all, and the shave was super close and even.

I would recommend it for sensitive skin too because the lubricating strip did it’s job, and ensured that the razor glided smoothly with every stroke.

The handle has also been designed with ergonomic side grips for better handling and control.