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20-Jul-2019 02:24

Because of that, it would be easy to label the FDP as one of the ‘losers’ emerging from the conference and gala.But, we quickly add, anytime an organization pulls off an event this big (one estimate pegged that at least 900 people attended Saturday night’s gala) and no one is rushed to an emergency room, it is exempt from the L-column.

Sure, Democrats would have liked to see her in the flesh, but, overall, the weekend was a win for her.

However, public sharing of any photos is so thoroughly optional that making a habit of asking yourself, “Should I really do this?

” as your finger hovers on the “share” button is probably the best advice there is here. That, and don’t agonize over something that requires only a minor and obvious fix. DEAR CAROLYN: My spouse and our 6-year-old do not get along at all. DEAR MIDDLE: Yes, by getting professional help as soon as possible.

He did so well he even received a standing ovation from the black caucus.

The Diplomat — For years — and no matter how bad the Wi Fi was — this was the site of the Dems’ annual gala. decided to move it to the Disney Beach & Yacht Club. After all, it’s so much easier to travel to Orlando than Hollywood.) while promising not to be distracted from the goal of flipping “Florida blue.” Gillum may be under a cloud of scrutiny, but nothing (to date) can stop him from starring in the never-ending hype video that is his political life.