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03-Sep-2019 15:33

I do hope this helps others and prevents someone else being scammed, look at other reviews too, its a large media group but hopefully with more reviews like this will get the site closed by paying members not subscribing... A UK resident " data-username="simon r." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Simon R." data-details="Photo uploaded on 6/3/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/" data-browse-link="/photos/" data-browse-text="Browse all International Cupid photos"Dear Simon, We sincerely apologise for the unwelcoming experience. Please note, to save your time, we've stored the details of your last order so you can renew your membership plan at the same price with one click to continue enjoying all the benefits of a premium membership including unlimited communications.

Our record shows that you took advantage of this feature on 16/4/2019 to renew your membership for 3 month Platinum using details of your last order by clicking the "Renew My Membership" button in the pop-up window. But what I'm also finding out is there's a man for Nigeria that post profiles of beautiful women. Everytime I go online I get at least 5 to 10 messages within a minute or two from women especially from Ghana that will immediately give out their Hangout Whats App and Skype ID's.

There are many sites, let's say whose billing system is clear, understandable and transparent. There are really a lot of scammers and e-mail collectors on this site. We do our best to remove these people from our site, deleting any profiles showing dubious photos or information, as soon as we see them, however, we also rely on our valued members who kindly report to us any suspect or fake profiles they find on our site.

You see what you pay for, you can cancel any time, there are no hidden paid features. In addition, Our fraud prevention team works 24/7 to remove non-genuine profiles.

I can't agree more with all the negative reviews. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard for us to verify the real intentions of the members as most dating sites do not require any form of formal identification to register and most members use their private email address to communicate with members.

The site's billing system is deliberately created to rip you off, you don't even see how they make you susbsribe to automatic billing features. It is very sad that a small minority of dishonest people will make such a negative impression of our site, as the vast majority of the members registered with us are honest.

Most have no passports or visas because they may be poor and because the U. makes it a pain in the ass to enter the country unless you are from a European contry and maybe one or two Latin American countries, so you will be doing a lot of long distance flying trying to find some one .

Then you can not be sure that they are not in it just for the money.

Our fraud prevention team works 24/7 to remove non-genuine profiles.

So far there have never been issues with my card or membership. First my rule is if you can not video chat, then I'm not going to waste too much time talking because I can not see who I am talking to. Most of the responses on International Cupid come from Ukraine, Ghana, The Philippines and Thailand.

Many of them may not have cameras on their phones, ( or so they say) so you can't really see who you are talking to.

For future reference, if you do not wish to renew your membership using this feature, simply close the window. These people are completely relentless they will sit there and wait for people to come online without reading your profile and they will send you a message immediately. I'm not a bigot or racist whatsoever what I don't like are scammers that try to scam people of little or no means.

If you wish to manually renew your membership or renew to a different membership grade/length, simply click the "Change Membership Plan" link. You have to be very careful and who you correspond with on this site best thing to do if you do become interested is to Skype with the person and to make sure that they're real and you're not just watching her pre-recorded tape ask them either to stand up or wave.

I still have a complimentary membership on Interracial Cupid.