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Glover joined The Mirman School from first grade to ninth grade.

Later, he enrolled in Venice High for tenth and eleventh grade and also attended Beverly Hills High School for twelfth grade and graduated in 1982.

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Glover is also the voice of Fifi in the Open Season franchise and appeared in the screen adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel Freaky Deaky.See full summary » Steven must be in Washington for PBS on Alex's 18th birthday, so Elyse throws him a surprise party a few days early.On his big day, Alex fails to pass 'taking out the trash' down to one of his siblings, then declines a restaurant dinner because he wants to go to Camelot Inn in West Virginia with Neil and Doug, where the 18-year-olds can drink legally.Crispin Glover began his acting career since 1977 at the age of thirteen.

He debuted with the 1983 American sex comedy film, My Tutor as Jack.

Bob Gale later explained in a commentary track on a DVD release that some dialogue scenes with other actors were from the original shoot.