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For weeks, people complained of his philandering down the streets with both girls in his arms.As for Deputy Maxine Stewart, Max to everyone, she has had a number of unsuccessful relations over the years, including having her therapist having a crush on her, or her dating the new black District Attorney.But her strangest relationship still has to be when she dated Peter Dreeb, and this is the story I will recount for you today.These are but a few samples of the characters of Rome, Wisconsin. A circus midget, by the name of Peter Dreeb had stolen the elephant, Big John, from the circus. The 40-year-old midget is arrested for stealing the humongous animal. Jill Brock, the wife's Sheriff says that the large animal was constipation.

Before she knew it, Peter had his face under her short dress and was munching on her thong panties.

For this date, Max dressed really nicely with a short dress with a low cleavage to show off her tits.