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30-Mar-2019 17:20

According to reports, when Xiaowen, Pingping and Nana started engaging in prostitution, they were all under 18. Due to family misfortune, Nana dropped out of the school and had been wandering in the streets. Since 2009, they communicated through the Internet and telephone etc..

introduced each other or introduced other young girls to have sex with clients, and also collected service fees and referrals fees.

The female participants range from primarily school-aged girls to housewives., “in Tokyo downtown shopping district, I was driving a remarkable red sports car, living in high-end luxury homes.

Open the door, a very soft and spacious bed, rolling in the ecstatic bed sheets…

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However, according to , the court had already come to a verdict before it went public.

Japan's propensity towards weird sexual perversions was semi-covered in an earlier post about pornography; but we failed to mention the obsession with hanging out in the company of schoolgirls. They don't necessarily have sex with them (though many do), but will hang around and laugh at their jokes in exchange for money; somewhat like a hostess bar except much more dangerous for the girl.