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03-Apr-2019 01:37

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Just because he's supportive of gay causes doesn't mean he's into mansex and it's a shame if some people think it does.Likewise with his pretty face, it alone doesn't make him gay.

This guy said he fell for Elizabeth Taylor in her last years!I haven't heard any rumors of him having gay flings but that doesn't mean there haven't been any.I've read he has a gay brother and that he used to hang out in drag/gay bars when he still lived in Ireland. Just like you probably don't believe that story about the woman who had a threesome with Leto and some other guy that was posted right here on DL, or any of the other rumours about Leto and guys.[quote]I do think there's a difference between being quiet about your bisexuality in Hollywood and openly denying you are gay.There's nothing straight about that.r60 given his history he just would not have been discreet enough for it not to leak out without proof he was taking male lovers or prostitutes.

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Actually now it would only help his career to come out as bi.His talent rose to the top and he landed Minority Report with Tom Cruise. Except this becomes a problem when the seemingly straight actor is "single" for years, and now that he's back on the radar he needs to explain it away, so he throws out an excuse about his kids and his career. But I did have sex with women when I was younger over two decades ago and I loved giving head.

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