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All artifacts and arrowheads on this web site( papered And non-papered) are inspected and are believed to be authentic.

General and most all scientific belief for these earlier dates remains elusive, however, and evidence for these claims is yet to be accepted. FOR SALE: THIS FIRSTVIEW WAS FOUND IN WARD COUNTY TEXAS AND IS MADE FROM LLANO RIVER (ROOTBEER)FLINT. IT COMES WITH J AND DEE AND PUTTY COA'S00 OR MAKE OFFER 14, FOR SALE: THIS BEAVERLAKE WAS FOUND IN RUSSELL COUNTY KENTUCKY AND IS MADE FROM DOVER CHERT. IT COMES WITH HOWARD, PUTTY, J AND DEE, PARTAIN, STERMER AND BENNETT'S COA'S00 OR MAKE OFFER PLEASE READ THE RETURN POLICIES, GUARANTEES, CONSIGNMENT FEES, AND GENERAL POLICIES ON THE AUTHENTICATION FEES PAGE BEFORE BUYING OR SENDING ARROWHEADS OR ARTIFACTS FOR EVALUATION BY GOING TO THE AUTHENTICATION FEES PAGE.It is named after its discovery site at the town of Clovis in New Mexico in 1932.How can one distinguish Clovis arrowheads from other types of Indian arrowheads?In the history of the "Paleo Indian Period" is the scheme of paleolithic chronology which begins with the very first indications of human habitation within the North American region, and continues until the general onset of the development of agriculture and other proto-civilization traits.

The conclusion of this stage may be assigned to approximately 9000 b.p.About fourteen thousand years ago, the Native American Indian tribes settled in the Northern part of USA.