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Jamestown / Half Tree Hollow)Island of St Helena STHL 1ZZSouth Atlantic Ocean Note that the postcode (‘zip code’) ‘STHL 1ZZ’ applies to the entire island, and also that the ‘South Atlantic Ocean’, while strictly unnecessary, does seem to help prevent letters being routed to California, South Carolina or Australia! There is no letter delivery to your home or office - you have to collect your letter from the main Post Office in Jamestown or from a shop near your home - so a Post Office Box is easier and more reliable. This was introduced because mail for St Helena was regularly being routed to St Helens in Merseyside, UK.

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Below: Posting to St Helena • Delivery to/from St Helena • Posting from St Helena • Internal post • First Air-Mail • No longer ‘Royal’St Helena issues its own postage stamps.We can send and receive post, both letters and small packages (larger packages require sea freight).The correct postal address for sending things to St Helena is: Recipient’s Name House Name or ‘Near …’ (few St Helena houses have numbers)Area (e.g. Box 37, Jamestown, Island of St Helena South Atlantic Ocean STHL 1ZZNote that, although 5,000 miles from the UK, St Helena has a UK postcode - STHL 1ZZ.See our Postage Stamps page to learn more about these and also the island’s early postal history.

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You may also be interested in our collection of St Helena postcards.

You can then drop your letter into the posting box in the Post Office building.