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Until the restoration of parishes, priests were designated 'Mission Priests' and had charge of geographical territories which usually had a chapel (or mission station) at the centre.

To all intents and purposes, these mission stations are what we would now recognise as parishes, but Catholics and the clergy were not tied to specific geographical boundaries and parishioners could attend and priests minister to large parts of the country without impinging on the rights of fellow priests.

Little did our humble saint realise that her ordinary notebooks would become spiritual masterpieces and the words of Christ which she recorded diligently would be the foundation of one of the most special devotions in the history of the church.

After the Reformation in Scotland, the Catholic population was greatly reduced in number with estimates of only 50,000 Catholics present in 1680, being approximately 5% of the entire population.

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Registers were maintained in a variety of formats, with early registers recording all types of sacraments in one volume.

These are termed by the Scottish Catholic Archives to be 'General Registers'.

Particularly, there are no sources which indicate where in Ireland a person originated, and despite the rigorous nature of Church record keeping today, no additional sources (such as baptismal certificates upon marriage) were retained from before the mid twentieth century.There are a number of smaller groups of archival resources available at the Scottish Catholic Archives which supplement the Catholic parish registers and they are generally available for consultation.Scotland is the latest nation reporting vandalism against buildings and statuary in its Catholic parishes.The graffiti was discovered one month after numerous windows had been broken in the parish's primary school on March 25.

Glasgow Police tweeted "significant vandalism" was committed against St. "There is nothing to suggest the incident is sectarian or hate crime. In the last 10 days we have seen vandalism of a Catholic cemetery in Glasgow, anti-Catholic graffiti on a bus stop outside a Catholic Church in Lanarkshire and now an act of desecration of a Catholic Church in the West End of Glasgow. C — Call It Out (@Call_It_Out_) April 30, 2019 In an email response to Church Militant, a member of the Scottish Catholic apostolate Sancta Familia Media (SFM) recounted the damages incurred at St.

For example, the Orange Order is a Protestant group frequently at odds with Catholics in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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