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Statistics in Brief: Instrumental Variable Analysis: An Underutilized Method in Orthopaedic Research. [Epub ahead of print] 31288011 Huang HH, Cagle PJ Jr, Mazumdar M, Poeran J.

Variation in Cervical Length over Time during a Single Transvaginal Ultrasound Examination. Comparing the epidemiology, clinical characteristics and prognostic factors of acute myeloid leukemia with and without acute promyelocytic leukemia. 30930153 Kamath GR, Tremblay D, Coltoff A, Caro J, Lancman G, Bhalla S, Najfeld V, Mascarenhas J, Taioli E. Drain Use is Associated with Increased Odds of Blood Transfusion in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: A Population-Based Study. 31120804 Kirby RS, Mai CT, Wingate MS, Janevic T, Copeland GE, Flood TJ, Isenburg J, Canfield MA; National Birth Defects Prevention Network..

Qualitative study of system-level factors related to genomic implementation. 30467402 Yeo I, Kim LK, Wong SC, Cheung JW, Itagaki S, Chikwe J, Egorova NN.

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