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“I almost thought I had to apologize to people because I’m 62 and don’t have grandchildren yet,” she said.Her daughter Heather said: “My friends’ parents are somewhat more concerned about my status than my parents.She talks about growing up in a “Father Knows Best” family with a caretaker mother and a breadwinner father who provided for her physical needs but not emotional training.“There wasn’t a lot of sharing about emotions and talking about personal things, so I can see how I didn’t have the facilities to get there” in a relationship, she said.They have been in and out of serious relationships their entire lives.Heather Foley was even engaged briefly in her mid-20s.There are their own feelings about the situation, the children reconciling the fact that they don’t have a life partner, and for many of the parents, accepting that they don’t have grandchildren.Even once the internal voices are settled, there is the pressure that comes from outsiders.

“And if marriage isn’t in the stars for them, I’ve finally decided that’s the way it is.”When the Foleys gets together over holidays and vacations, they regale one another with stories of dates gone wrong. “But I have a brother who has three daughters, all of whom aren’t married either. ”Nina Garfinkle, a 52-year-old graphic designer in Boston, has spent years in therapy figuring out why she has never settled down.

With no impetus on their own and no pressure from their fun-loving parents, the children have no reason to settle down.“There are plenty of single men out there,” Dr. “I know that men suffer just as much as women do from loneliness.

Moreover, men fall in love faster than women, they fall in love more often, and when men find a sweetheart, they want to introduce her to friends and family sooner.”She added, “It does suggest that men are just as dependent on stable relationships and good family communication as women are — indeed, I suspect a bit more so.”Suzette Malkin, a mother of two single daughters, ages 33 and 36, who all live together in Memphis, sees too many young people in unhealthy relationships. “I just want them to be able to take their time and realize that it’s worth waiting for.”Erin Malkin, the older daughter, feels fortunate to have a mother who will support her until she is ready to start a family.

Helen Fisher, a Rutgers University-based biological anthropologist and a senior research fellow, said that she believes it comes down to genetics.

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Some families all possess the same genes that cause them to prioritize being creative and free rather than stable and secure.Just by chance some families will have some or all of their adult children unattached.