Boy meets girl part 3 still dating dad

31-Aug-2019 19:31

Kara was just leaving school after a long, hard, boring day of tests, books and maintaining the facade of being a typical, human teenage girl."Hey, Kara! It's her friend, the young, 18 year old aspiring photojournalist Jimmy Olson, who also happens to be a photography intern at the Daily Planet..also happens to be one of the few people who know about her family's greatest secret."Hey Jimmy..brings you here?

..."Kara said as she met up with the red haired boy."Hey Kara...

...'Clark asked and Kara nodded."Yes, I already met Danny's family and I think it be nice for him to finally meet you, and what better time than when Uncle John and Aunt Martha come..."Kara said and Clark thought it over. Besides, Metropolis is a pretty dangerous place..gets even more attacks from villains than Amity Park does and they aren't even from ghosts..

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The fact that he was returning early and that there were no news of a potential nuclear war in Asia meant that they were successful in both accounts."I have been meaning to talk to him for a while, especially since John and Martha will be coming this weekend..."Kara said."About what?..."Jimmy asked and Kara smiled and nodded, oblivious to how he truly felt."Yes, I think we have something really special together...'Kara said. ...'Sam asked, trying to disguise her jealousy with concern."Kara already met my family and they love her..I told her that I would meet hers when it was the right time..sees her aunt and uncle will be coming to spend the weekend and she thinks that is the best time...'Danny said."..'Sam muttered and Danny didn't hear her.

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