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The genealogies in Scripture do not allow an unlimited amount of time between Adam and Abraham. It is also possible that time had a different quality before sin entered the universe.Scientific evidence has been brought forward that would indicate the earth may be young after all but there is no consensus among Christians. This would make it impossible for us to pinpoint the time of creation.But those very analogies serve to limit our time scale for Genesis 11. And the gap between Joram and Uzziah in Matthew 1:8 was fifty years, not five thousand. And yet the clearest suggestion of a time gap in Genesis 11 occurs before this judgment between Eber and Peleg, because of the sudden drop in life span.

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decaying radioactive minerals, eroding continents, buildup of chemicals in oceans) for time estimates. there is an eternal dimension also present all through creation week.(4) In the recurring formula A lived - years and begat B, and A lived after he begat B - years and begat sons and daughters, B may not be the literal son of A.If so, the age of A may be his age when his descendant was born from whom B was descended. Not Unlimited Time Though we cannot date the earth with exact precision because of gaps in the genealogies we should not assume that the gaps provide us with an unlimited amount of time to date the earth.Or are we to suppose that in some tiny pocket of civilization, nearly swamped by an ocean of human savagery, an unbroken chain of saintly men (some who lived for centuries) perpetuated the Messianic line of Shem and handed down the knowledge of the one true God for hundreds of thousands of years?

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Even to ask such a question is to answer it (John Whitcomb, Revised edition, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1986, p. Theoretically, creationists are able to work with an old earth or a young earth.Most scientists, Christian and non-Christian, believe the earth and universe are old. Concerning the age of the earth, Mark Twain wryly commented: In the space of one hundred and seventy-six years the lower Mississippi has shortened itself two hundred and forty-two miles.