Best dating and relationship books

05-May-2019 12:18

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Ken Page’s “gift theory” is an elegant way of telling you that the things that have been most heavily shamed throughout your life are actually your unique “core gifts” and that these things about you are the keys to your long-lasting relationship fulfillment.Because it’s well written, simple, and has some really easy to digest meta-level relationship concepts drilled down into a short and sweet workbook-style read.The primary emotions are the ones that need to be accessed, communicated, and received by your partner.By getting to a place of “here’s the real, deep, scary emotion that I’m actually feeling underneath everything” and having the courage to communicate your feelings you can transform your relationship overnight.

Most emotions that are felt and are expressed between couples (especially during times of conflict) are secondary emotions.

And your self-esteem is largely a byproduct of the self-generated action that you commit to in your life.

Put simply, your self-esteem comes primarily from the things that you DO in your life, when those things are aligned with your desires.

Depending on if you like the author’s tone or not (preview the book on Amazon before you buy it), you will either get a headache, or you’ll feel like god is beaming sun-rays through your spine.

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The “Magical Kitchen” analogy is the stuff of legends and is worth the price of admission in itself. Imagine you had a magical kitchen that gave you any kind of food, from anywhere in the world, in any volume that you desired.Some of them primarily help you with your relationship to yourself (#’s 1, 2, and 3), and others primarily help you with your relationship to your partner (#’s 2, 4 & 5).