Automatically updating web page

16-Jul-2019 03:15

I am working on a system that has a bunch of sensors communicating with a linux machine.

I need to make a web interface for this to display status of sensors and automatically update them when the status of any of the sensors changes(or just automatically update them every few seconds). What are the options for pushing the sensor data to the web browser automatically or even by continuously requesting the data?

The application is a Web site for online book sales.

The inventory information such as book categories and the number of books in each category is displayed in the Web home page (see Figure 1).

Some key elements I do not know: -How to do timing in javascript -How to get some sort of structured data in javascript on the fly from a request to the server(eg php page reading the sensor data) If you use a framework like jquery, there is plenty of plugin for periodical updating.

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That method requires that you identify all JSF components and write them into your JSF pages.So, how do you automatically update a Web page with dynamic elements?