Aspx designer not updating

14-May-2019 06:02

When the application is executing, it’s better to think of the master page as just another child control.

The Pre_Init event we just mentioned is a key event to examine if we want to change the master page file programmatically. We can use the @ Page directive and the web.config to specify master page files for our web forms, but sometimes we want to set the master page programatically.

Sometimes master page behavior is surprising, and indeed the very name can be a bit misleading.

In this article, we are going to examine some of the common problems developers run into when using master pages, and demonstrate some practical advice for making effective use of master pages.

The master page’s next step is to look for Content controls in the controls formerly associated with the page.For an introduction to master pages, see "Master Pages In ASP. To make use of master pages, we first need to understand how master pages work. NET web form using a master page, the content page (.aspx) and master page (.master) merge their content together to produce a single page.Many of the tips and traps covered later in this article revolve around understanding the magic behind master pages. Let’s say we are using the following, simple master page.I have inherited an project, which has some datasets in it.

I find that when I edit datasets with new SQL, adding columns, tableadapters etc, that the class is not regenerated, and therefore I can't access them in code.

A page’s Master Page File property sets the master page for the content page to use.

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