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31-Mar-2019 12:32

With neural networks and deep learning, chatbots can become good learners.Learning is paramount to ensure that the chatbot recognizes patterns in data it receives and responds to user requests in the most appropriate way.It is the sense-think-act cycle that can define the intelligence of a chatbot.An AI chatbot goes through this cycle to make progress towards pre-defined goals autonomously.To cut down design complexity, it is important to ignore proactive user queries by keeping it local.But an AI chat bot is based on the human capability of self-learning and gaining information efficiently.An intelligent chatbot will understand and learn the language nuances to give a convincing answer.In the future, there will come a time where the bots will have artificial intelligence which will know what we want before we even ask it.

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Progress from one user request to another also requires planning until completion of the task.For instance, let us consider the case of a live chatbot helping a user book a room in a hotel.