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However, things have taken a turn, and Gigi Gorgeous went on her channel to give her fans a brand new update about her life. “Well, I did not think I would have to do this,” she began. but I have decided to stop running.” She said that she just wanted to sit down and vent a little. Gigi struggled to hold back tears as she spoke about how her fans were ex. “If you think it’s like when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend last year, it’s not like that at all. Most newly-released books cost somewhere around — which, again, is a pretty good deal compared to what you'd probably spend on a private session with the On his site, Henry has a form you can fill out if you would like him to attend an event that you're hosting.You might need to be patient, since he has a busy schedule, but if you're already hosting a big event for a few hundred people and are desperately in need of a celebrity guest, maybe Henry is your answer.She has over 2.9 million subscribers on her self-titled You Tube channel. The first video she posted, "Gregory Gorgeous' Makeup Routine," has earned over 1 million views.

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Given his popularity, the odds will be steep, but maybe you'll get lucky.On his Facebook page, Henry is currently giving away a free Skype reading.