Are kirstie alley and maks dating

04-Jun-2019 00:09

After singing his praises and devoting an entire chapter in her book about relationships, she's no longer speaking with him.

Kirstie Alley has been in the news again this week.

In 2012, Alley published The Art of Men: I Prefer Mine Al Dente, a memoir about her relationship history, with the important men in her life each getting their own chapter.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy gets his own chapter, “The Art of Maks.” In 2011, Alley had been paired with him during her first appearance on the show, and she admits in her book that she became infatuated with him.

Since the show, Leah has remained tight with Dovolani (who has found himself being followed, we recently reported), and has also become friends with Chmerkovskiy.(We’re told that the rumors of Chmerkovskiy dating Leah’s best friend, Jennifer Lopez, are not true, but those rumors probably started because Chmerkovskiy has spent time in Leah’s circle.)Now, Kirstie Alley has pushed Chmerkovskiy away for spending time with her enemy.

And if you know their past together, you know that’s actually a pretty big deal.

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Leah escaped the clutches of Scientology last year, and her picture has been on Kirstie Alley’s dartboard ever since. Maks has just entered a totally sincere relationship with Jennifer Lopez, who just happens to be BFFs with Leah Remini.(Currently, he’s competing in So You Think You Can Dance.)Now, we’re told, Kirstie has cut Onik out of her life just like she has Chmerkovskiy. Because on May 20, Onik tweeted this photo from his Instagram account…Serge Leah Because of their association with Remini, Onik and Chmerkovskiy have been pushed away by Alley.