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Even as coffee bars spread across the nation, transforming mochaccino and latte into everyday \ ocabulary. Later on I read that he had run to fat, that he was a Scientologist, that he was rumored to be bisexual.

basic questions about how coffee affects our health remain unanswered. In my imagination, he was still Tony Manero— the blue eyes and dimpled chin, the white suit, inviolate forever. ^192 191 movies My first intimation of his second coming was a blurry newspaper photograph this spring show- ing Travolta in Cannes with the film's director, Quentin Tarantino, celebrating the winning of the Palme d'Or.

Jed Perl takes a look 222 Television Fashion follies: Fashion on TV usually means bad fashion and worse TV. But Bryn I erl'el still declines the most challenging roles. It penetrates each strand so even the most resistant gray is covered from roots to ends. It's color that's truly healthy, so rich and shining. From Issey Miyake to Claude Mon- tana, designers are proving that down jackets have come a long way from the Michelin-man look . 1 8 115 q L We, landing a TV movie or guesting on a talk show would be nice. That's the way you dream up things like, oh, patent # 4,893,874 —the latchplate on our rear seat- belts that Michele helped design.

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"Who knows when someone else can benefit from an act of kindness." ►108 105 : V^^^n^u^ ^p.r s ©1994 Levi Strauss & Co. people gtetalking about Drop these tr OU Since the invention of photography, presidents have had signature looks: Abe Lincoln had his top hat and grunge beard; Reagan had his Gumby haircut.Katherine Betts takes their measurements 336 The weekenders In the country or on the town, the principles of weekend dressing remain the same: Keep it chic, simple, and sophisticated. Men's week is for ladies, too: At the recent men's collections, women stole the shows . But will she be able to sweep the city clean of the overstuffed furniture, chintzes, and tea-stained linens that Hollywood loves? Photographet by Erie Bonian Vogue Style 393 Living Outside influence: The great outdoors comes inside, as designers look to Mother Nature for inspiration. nd Revlon Nail Enamel in Toast of New York © 1994 Revlon Introducing Color Stay - Lipcolor that WONT KISS OFF! DUAL FINISH OIL-FREE VERSATILE POWDER MAKEUP Now every skin can enjoy the dual versatility of Lancome's most popular powder makeup . one makeup with foundation's flawless coverage and powder's lightweight feel. Sponge it on wet or dry for a more finished look that conceals without revealing itself. After almost 20 years, he finally meets the secretive actor and finds him stranger than (Pulp) Fiction It was an image that I vaguely felt I owned.