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14-Jul-2019 02:07

Engineering the German Way 2.0 is a month long program and you can earn 6 credits studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany.The program focuses on German engineering technology and engineering business culture. "I've never met a better staff of people than I did on this trip.There is no normal like what a non engi would think of.There is an xkcd about arguing with an engi being like wrestling with a pig in the mud.You think you might be getting somewhere when you realize they are enjoying it. Don't expect them to infer anything from your behavior or disposition.Unless it's explicitly stated, it doesn't exist.While the advice is for a woman, it applies to anyone who’s ever felt like the person they were dating was making them lose their mind.

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Re: getting something taken care of, sometimes it's nice to have someone to just complain to about your problems...

My husband sent me a link to an EDN page featuring a video covering dating advice for engineers.