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It's "About" page is so open-minded, its completely devoid of information.Some of the 85 singles profiled on the site (such as Tomboy, Niggerhater, Gonzo88) proudly proclaim their hate for non-white races, and some don't. You're not desperate or unattractive or any crazier than the average single American adult. You don't like the nightclub scene, either; you hate the fakeness and the vapidity and the one-night stands and the hangovers, or you've used/been-used-by everyone worth using/being-used-by that frequents the bars within safe drunken-driving distance of your place. You don't have time for dating or even speed-dating — you're that busy, what with the job and eating on the run and watching old movies on DVD by yourself and making sure your myriad cats have plenty of food and a multi-story scratching post/dormitory that's nicer than your apartment.Just where ARE ya going to go to date racially pure White folks anymore? Birdwatcher I googled this and from the results this one might have the Stormfront seal of approval...We got a kazillion just like that around here."Sigh", what is the world coming to? Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch.

The goal of the assignment is not to summarize lectures or class discussions.'); var sovrn_html = prefix suffix; try catch (ex) }, do Not Track: function(nav, win) }; var el = Element By Id('sovrn-header-script'); if (el) // Exports for tests if (typeof exports !== 'undefined') I googled this and from the results this one might have the Stormfront seal of approval...One of my intentions is for this word to no longer have such mixed emotions.

Part of my intention for this site is for the word nigga to embody images of brotherhood, and fraternity rather than images of ignorance and hate." You don't even have to be African-American to join — just ask Nigga Spacers like mad_magic_wand, smashfacecorey, Queen_Neda and That Numba1Milf.

"The word, 'nigga' is in rap songs, daily conversations, on TV, etc.

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