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Biomedical based behavioral research has concentrated on special risk groups.From a behavioral public health perspective, those less researched and understood are the residual categories of people potentially “at risk” and young men are among them.The conscripts are considered to include in 3 high-risk groups of HIV infection according to their unique demographic characteristics, i.e. Among Thai army conscripts, there is a high rate of HIV risks [9-12].The results from the 1996 sexual behavior survey of them showed that there is reduction in risk sexual behaviors, but the change was unsatisfactory because they still had high risk sexual behaviors [13] which meant that they might contract HIV.Essentially, all new HIV infections can be prevented if people can be helped to make changes in sexual and drug use practices.Perhaps the most difficult area of HIV prevention lies in the area of behavior change.

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HIV prevention measures can be focused on each of these factors and young people are a focus of the national AIDS program [3].There are approximately 60,000 new conscripts every year to work for two years in the army, divided into two groups; the first group enters the army in May and the second in November.