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18-Aug-2019 20:22

There are two variants: A jerkoff/blowjob place or a sex place. Sometimes the girl who greets you and gets you hard is different than the girl who actually jerks you. You cannot choose the girl unless you know one by name. You cannot choose the girl, unless you know the name of the one you want. Many of the larger ones will have maze like passages and escape routes in the unlikely event of a police raid.

A mate of mine had a bad experience when after they put the towel over his eyes, he peeked to find that the owner was jerking him off (an old man). Window shops These are where you windowshop and pick one of the sad looking girls at the windows. Dae Ddal Rooms "Daeddal" is short for daeshin ddalddali, which means masturbation by proxy. Foreigners are usually allowed if you pay more (100 ). The girl in the pictures is usually not the one you meet.

Some room salons don't offer 2 Cha (sex), and instead you talk to and touch hot girls while you drink and sing, or they will just offer a quick blowjob at the end of the 2 hour session.

Most roomsalons will offer 2 Cha, usually off site.

The better ones will have a girl lick your whole body, rub bodies with oil, lick your ass (don't knock it till youve tried it), and suck you off. Some of the skilled ones simulate cowgirl but instead of penetration they wrap a fist around your manhood. The service is usually good and they aren't in a rush to get the act over with, as they want repeat customers (more money for them). Full Salons Are basically high volume Room Salons, usually attached to a motel.

Costs 100-200 bucks, depending on how hot the girl is. You can't choose the girl obviously, and quality of service will vary greatly. These are cheaper than Room Salons/Norebangs at about 300-350 bucks. Girls are usually insanely hot and a large full salon will have dozens and dozens of these girls on site. If you don't like what you see, you can keep asking for new ones.

Also they may be confirmed be a many-to-many or one-to-many chat room.

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I am a lurker, and it looks like from prior posts that people don't really know about sex in Korea. Korea's sex industry is huge and is really varied in the services offered.

My list isn't doesn't cover everything, there are things like coffee girls, old ladies hiking in the mountains (which I learned about in /rkorea), and probably others that I don't know even exist.

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