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There is no reason to assume that middle and secondary school programs are immune to litigation.Between 19, 411 complaints involving elementary and secondary school athletics were filed with the U. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, which oversees compliance with Title IX (Goldman, 1991).

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From 1971-80, the number of female athletes at the high school level increased 616%, with females accounting for approximately 35% of high school athletes in 1980 (Title IX, 1993).

The 1992 decision of the Supreme Court affirming monetary damages to be awarded in Title IX enforcement actions increases the likelihood of lawsuits.

In sports programs, gender equity requires that equal athletic opportunities be provided for both genders and encompasses the following areas, which are further described below: accommodating the athletic interests and abilities of the historically underrepresented sex (including the selection of sports and levels of competition); equipment and supplies; scheduling; opportunity to receive coaching (and academic tutoring); assignment and salary of coaches (and tutors); travel and per diem allowances; locker rooms, medical, and other facilities; housing and dining facilities and services; and publicity and promotion.

Today, girls still account for about 35% of high school athletes, although at 1.9 million participants the number of females in sports at the high school level has never been higher (National Federation, 1994).

Within the past year, a number of Title IX lawsuits have highlighted the vulnerability of colleges and universities to claims of gender discrimination in intercollegiate athletics.Teach material that shows equality amongst diversity.